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Den Haag

Title: Den Haag
Pairing: Viggo/Dom
Rating: R
Summary: Modern day AU. Viggo is a successful businessman who has a particular itch that very few can scratch. Then he meets Dom. Slashababy 2010 for [ profile] v_angelique who had requested D/s or kink, something I have never written. What ensues is dark but consensual, and I suspect not for the faint of heart.
Special thanks: To [ profile] stormatdusk for invaluable beta feedback and creating this fabulous banner.
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It is a Friday night
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Title: The Wooing
Pairing: EW/OB (EW/DM implied)
Rating: N17
Setting: AU, in The Beguilement universe. This story is a sequel to The Opening, which in turn follows earlier episodes in The Beguilement, Beguilement: Interlude and The Digression. It is recommended that these stories be read in sequence in order to fully understand what follows.

Orlando has just climbed out of the Underground at Sloane Square... )
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Title: The Opening
Pairings: EW/OB, IM/DM, (EW/DM/IM implied)
Rating: R
Setting: AU, in The Beguilement universe. Nearly two years have passed since Orlando first met Elijah, a high-priced escort, on a business trip to Amsterdam, where they spent one memorable night together. They have not seen each other since.
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The catering staff are at full-bore... )
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Title: The Digression
Pairing: IM/EW/DM
Rating: N17
Length: 5315 words
Author's note: From The Beguilement universe. Beta'd by the talented [ profile] tweedle_ whom I can't thank enough.
Banner by [ profile] stormatdusk who spoils me terribly.

Dom sits forward and slips the cab driver a twenty euro note )
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Title: The Beguilement: Interlude I
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: OB (EW implied)
Rating: G
Author’s Notes: AU. Modern day. A sequel to this. Orlando is not an actor and neither is Elijah.
Dedication: For [ profile] tweedle_ who keeps asking nicely and has been waiting too long.
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Banner by the fantastically talented [ profile] stormatdusk

A misty drizzle is settling over the streets )
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Title: The Beguilement
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: N-17
Warning: Sex – lots – and soft drug use.
Read more... )


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