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Title: Seven Deadly Sins
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: P to N17
Notes: RPS in seven drabbles (double dashes excluded), some AUs, for [ profile] orlijah_month 2011.

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Title: The Read-Through
Pairing: EW/OB/PJ
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: All a bunch of nonsense and lies.
Comment: This bit of silliness was a result of being challenged over at [ profile] orlijah_month to write anything remotely slashy with PJ in it. Rest assured – no squick was allowed.
Cross-posted: Shamelessly, over at [ profile] orlijah_month and [ profile] fellow_shippers

Mr. Jackson, we’re ready for your close-up
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Title: The Wooing
Pairing: EW/OB (EW/DM implied)
Rating: N17
Setting: AU, in The Beguilement universe. This story is a sequel to The Opening, which in turn follows earlier episodes in The Beguilement, Beguilement: Interlude and The Digression. It is recommended that these stories be read in sequence in order to fully understand what follows.

Orlando has just climbed out of the Underground at Sloane Square... )
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Title: The Opening
Pairings: EW/OB, IM/DM, (EW/DM/IM implied)
Rating: R
Setting: AU, in The Beguilement universe. Nearly two years have passed since Orlando first met Elijah, a high-priced escort, on a business trip to Amsterdam, where they spent one memorable night together. They have not seen each other since.
Cross-posted: [ profile] fellow_shippers, [ profile] bloomwood_

The catering staff are at full-bore... )
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Title: Elijah Unplugged
Pairing: EW/OB, (VM/OB and VM/SB implied)
Rating: Mature for sexual situations and language
Comment: Crackish AU
Warning: Shameless product placement and literary theft homage.
Author's Note: Inspired by [ profile] stormatdusk who doesn't know how many laughs have resulted since she introduced me to this little item.
Cross-posted to: [ profile] bloomwood_ and [ profile] fellow_shippers

Nasal Irrigation and Other Things )
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Title: Bring the Cup to My Lips with Greed
Pairing: EW/OB
Rating: R
Length: 3136 words
Comment: Haremverse, the third episode in what originally had been planned as a pair of fics. Blame it on [ profile] orlijah_month and this.
Dedicated to: [ profile] msilverstar who had the great sense to be born the same month as Orlando and Elijah.

Elijah rests his neck against the cool marble )
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Happy Birthday, Bandwench!!

To the most fabulous Wenchie, whose stories and manips have delighted us all for years. May you have a wonderful day and fantastic year. And in honor of your special day, I’ve left you a little prezzie under the cut.

Elijah's Secret )
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Title: The Gilded Cage
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: EW/OB, IM
Rating: N-17
Setting: AU. An undetermined sultanate during the Middle Ages. Elijah is 18 and in servitude. Orlando is 24 and a sultan’s son.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Made up. Not true. Just mucking around.
Feedback: Always welcomed. .
Notes: Sequel to The Grains of Paradise

It is mid-morning… )
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Title: The Grains of Paradise
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: OB/EW
Rating: R
Setting: AU, an undetermined sultanate during the Middle Ages. Elijah is 18 and in servitude. Orlando is 24 and a sultan’s son.
Warning: Mild het

These are the harem rooms of the sultan's sons... )
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Title: The Beguilement
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: N-17
Warning: Sex – lots – and soft drug use.
Read more... )
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Title: Southern Cross
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: PG
A/N: A footnote to this. For [ profile] yukisherry who planted the seed. And for [ profile] talesinbloom who constantly inspires.

Orlando spread his arms wide and high )


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