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Happy Birthday, Bandwench!!

To the most fabulous Wenchie, whose stories and manips have delighted us all for years. May you have a wonderful day and fantastic year. And in honor of your special day, I’ve left you a little prezzie under the cut.

Elijah's Secret )
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Title: The Gilded Cage
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: EW/OB, IM
Rating: N-17
Setting: AU. An undetermined sultanate during the Middle Ages. Elijah is 18 and in servitude. Orlando is 24 and a sultan’s son.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Made up. Not true. Just mucking around.
Feedback: Always welcomed. .
Notes: Sequel to The Grains of Paradise

It is mid-morning… )
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Title: The Grains of Paradise
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: OB/EW
Rating: R
Setting: AU, an undetermined sultanate during the Middle Ages. Elijah is 18 and in servitude. Orlando is 24 and a sultan’s son.
Warning: Mild het

These are the harem rooms of the sultan's sons... )
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Title: The Beguilement
Author: [ profile] itstonedme
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: N-17
Warning: Sex – lots – and soft drug use.
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I guess I've been wondering recently how often the guys keep in touch with each other now that their careers have moved off in new directions. On the heels of this, another reunion moment.

They were older now. So this time when they met after a break of way too long, there was no running jump into a leg-wrapping hug, just a warm, gripping embrace...that dipped a little to the left, then to the right, repeating a few more times...with a breath-stealing squeeze and hip-pivoting, ending with Orlando turning his face into Elijah's cheek and planting a loud and exuberant kiss.

Which caught more of Elijah's mouth and less of his cheek.

"Fuck, Bloom," Elijah giggled at the pleasant, wet ferocity. "You not been getting laid lately?"

"Soon," Orlando gasped, laughing. "Soon."
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It's always a great week when one of our boys has a film opening.

For [ profile] shrinetolust who inspired this little vignette after Viggo appeared on The Letterman Show this week. And for [ profile] alliwantisanelf and [ profile] msilverstar who have so kindly friended me.

Appaloosa )


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