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2011-05-18 08:05 pm

Elijah, American Idol, right now!

In the audience with "Wilfred."
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2011-05-15 12:31 pm

Mini Moot aka Wining and Dining with Good Friends

It seems forever since I've posted. Spring is always a busy season, with yard work and gardening and repairs taking precedence. But those things are all just about done, and in the period between that and another opening of the cottage, I will be flying over to England to meet up again with dear friends, including [ profile] tweedle_, [ profile] lisabellex, [ profile] arabia764, [ profile] ismenin and hopefully any others that we are able to gather together. [ profile] tweedle_, bless her, comes equipped with a laptop, so like last year, we hope to be able to post about it, if not on my journal then certainly hers. We promise to be naughty when we can, and adventurous at all times, and on the lookout for muses so that we might get our literary vibes finely tuned again. With that in mind, we hope to make a repeat visit to Camden Market where there are always creatures of interest and great appeal. But that's the beauty of the male species: like mushrooms, they pop up where least expected (and like Pippin, we loves our mushrooms).

To everyone, best wishes for a glorious spring (once the rain stops) whether you are at home or on the road.
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2011-03-27 12:45 am

Fic, Den Haag, Viggo/Dom, N17, (repost from Slashababy 2010)

Den Haag

Title: Den Haag
Pairing: Viggo/Dom
Rating: R
Summary: Modern day AU. Viggo is a successful businessman who has a particular itch that very few can scratch. Then he meets Dom. Slashababy 2010 for [ profile] v_angelique who had requested D/s or kink, something I have never written. What ensues is dark but consensual, and I suspect not for the faint of heart.
Special thanks: To [ profile] stormatdusk for invaluable beta feedback and creating this fabulous banner.
Cross-posted: [ profile] fellow_shippers

It is a Friday night
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2011-02-12 08:54 pm

Fic, Camden Town: Later That Day, Casey Connor/Orlando Bloom AU, N-17

Title: Camden Town: Later That Day
Pairing: Orlando/Casey Connor (Faculty crossover)
Rating: N17
Words: 3,918
Summary: This story is a follow up to the Orlando/Casey Connor Mashup "Camden Town" from last summer found here. To recap, Casey is sight-seeing in London when he comes upon a dandified, steampunked, Cockneyed Orlando in the Camden Town Market who, in appearance, reminds him of Gary Oldman from Bram Stocker's Dracula. Despite Casey's nervousness, he follows The Count Orlando into the dressing room of a shop where they take sexual liberties with each other's persons. Just when Casey thinks that's the end of it, Orlando suggests otherwise. And that's where the first story ends.
Crossposted: Eventually, to my journal, [ profile] fellow_shippers and [ profile] bloomwood_.

It's a day of discoveries
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2011-01-29 05:59 pm

French video ad for AIDS

At one point, the poor little fellow even sheds a tear. :)

AIDS Prevention Ad

You'll probably need high speed.
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2011-01-29 03:51 pm

Drabble series for Orlijah_Month, The Seven Deadly Sins

Title: Seven Deadly Sins
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: P to N17
Notes: RPS in seven drabbles (double dashes excluded), some AUs, for [ profile] orlijah_month 2011.

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2011-01-28 08:46 pm
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Happy 30th Birthday, Elijah.

It's always a little momentous and sobering when someone you watched grow up celebrates a milestone year. Happy Birthday, Elijah.

Birthday boy picspam under the cut

And as always, [ profile] kiltsandlollies delivers the goods in her picspam birthday tribute here.
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2011-01-17 10:59 pm
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Ficlet, Las Virgenes, Orlijah, G

Title: Las Virgenes
Pairing: Orlijah
Rating: G
Note: Orlando is 20, Elijah 16.

Caribbean 1619
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2011-01-16 01:29 am

Fandom Service Announcement

To all of those on my flist – and beyond – who have ever read a story by Abundantlyqueer and turned into a puddle of fannish goo, come visit her as she guests in an interview at [ profile] orlijah_month.

And on the topic of [ profile] orlijah_month more than a few old and new names and faces are showing up to play and gifting us with amazing little stories based on the ridiculously fun prompts we're posting. Come visit.
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2011-01-13 12:17 am

Happy Birthday, Orlando

Yeah, yeah, baby love. I know you haven't stopped these last twelve months and your feet have barely touched the ground. A big news year for you, dearheart. Let's reminisce.


picspam under the cut )
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2011-01-10 06:58 pm

Dirty, scruffy, mumbly. Aragorn? NO!!.


Finally, after four years, I tracked this film down. And I loved it!! If someone wrote a really slashy mpreg featuring Richard Sharpe and Aragorn (probably has been done), I swear their offspring would be Diego Alatriste. (Tell me, any of you who grew up loving Zorro, how can you not swoon a little for a man named 'Diego'?). Who else has seen it?

It's a great looking film, with some scenes set and lit to resemble Valesquez paintings. And it's musketeer vintage but on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees -- wide-brimmed floppy hats, enormously cuffed boots and gloves, fights with swords and daggers and billowing coats. Dirty, dangerous, and very hot.
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2011-01-08 11:53 am

Fandom Temblor 5.8 on the Squee Scale


A wedding in Scotland! A baby in Los Angeles! Hobbits in Ireland! Frodo back in the Shire! Leggy back in Mirkwood! Aragorn back in his pants! Elijah and Eddie Izzard!!! Less than 24 months to another premiere! And another year of fandom reigning happy over at [ profile] slashababy.

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2010-12-30 12:05 am

New York and MOME

December is always such a whirlwind. But as we digest in the week between the MOME and the posting of the Slashababies, a grateful thank you to [ profile] foxrafer for her yeoman's effort in hosting the MOMEs for another year, and a heartfelt thank you for all who voted for my nominated stories. Whenever you read my stories and tell me about it, I am rewarded more than you will ever know.

Earlier this month, I visited New York City to take in the Christmas lights and the amazingness that is New York. Would I go back prior to Christmas again? Probably not, but not because New York is lacking. Far from it. It is teeming! So teeming that there are traffic cops for the pedestrians! But oh, it is so pretty in December.

pics behind the cut )
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2010-12-08 07:33 pm

New York in December


By this time on Friday, I'm hoping I've been able to transplant myself into this picture. It has been a long time since I've stood (let alone glided) in a pair of skates, but when one has the good fortune to be in New York at Christmas time, even clinging to the boards at Rockefeller Center must count as an experience to be had. It's a girls getaway weekend, with the musical Billy Elliot on Saturday and brunch at the Plaza on Sunday, and a whole lot of sightseeing and window/discount shopping in amongst all that.

To all my friends staring down the barrel of your Slashababies, godspeed and good luck. If your muse is being tricky, toast it with several glasses of wine. While it might not help, you'll probably feel better about it.

Dear Dominic, our Merry: Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

And since it is December, and New York, we remember....

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2010-11-07 05:03 pm

Michael Fassbender and Hunger

Last night, I watched Hunger, the story of Bobby Sands hunger strike during the IRA prisoner protest of 1981. Michael Fassbender, who is rumored to play in The Hobbit and who plays Carl Jung to Viggo's Sigmund Freud in the upcoming A Dangerous Method, played Sands. It's a provocative, disturbing film, rather art-house in some ways. But during the film's coda, which is Sands hunger strike itself, Fassbender lost 32 pounds (14 kilos) so that he was nothing but a wasted skeleton by the final scenes. That an actor of this commitment is teamed with Viggo-I'll-live-with-my-sword in the new Cronenberg film should make for an interesting dynamic.
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2010-11-07 12:27 am

Danny Boyle's 127 Hours


Of all the many very good films that I saw at TIFF this past September, there has been one film that stayed with me, the new Danny Boyle film, 127 Hours. And now that it is in limited release, I cannot recommend it enough. Do not let any of the squeamish talk about it prevent you from going. It is intense, but it is a riveting film, very well done, and James Franco scores big points with the job he turns in. I'll be very curious to hear what you have to say once you go. Because it is based on a known true story that was a news item, I don't think there will be any spoilers in what you might have to say.
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2010-10-30 03:08 pm
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Hallowe'en fic: Frankie, Or How Casey Got His Freak On, C/Z, PG

Seeing as this story takes place on the Saturday of Hallowe'en weekend, I've decided to post it now. Special thanks to [ profile] aliensouldream for the Grab Bag banner!

Title: Frankie, or How Casey Got His Freak On
Rating: PG for language, substance abuse, innuendo and nonsense
Warning: It helps to know a certain film that is referred to in this story, but since half the planet does, you'll do fine.

It was October 30th )
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2010-10-02 01:45 pm

Happy Birthday, [ profile] alliwantisanelf!

Dear Al, I come bearing best wishes and a present. There is no assurance this gift will keep on giving at this point, but the sentiment is definitely there. May your day be a joy spent with family, and here's hoping that the coming year makes the pain-in-the-assedness (literally!) of the last one a thing soon forgotten.

Fic Present for Al: La Boca )